Healthy Harrison County is an initiative started by the United Way of Harrison County to bring together Harrison County communities, residents, businesses and agencies in a joint effort to improve the health of everyone living and working in Harrison County. We see in the news every day that obesity rates among adults and children are rising rapidly. This generation of children will be the first to have shorter life expectancies than their parent. This is because of the rise of preventable diseases like Type II diabetes and heart disease that can be altered and even reversed by life style change in the form of increased physical activity and improved nutrition education.

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We live in the electronic age when we spend more time in front of the TV, computer, phone or portable divice. Creating fewer opportunities for physical activities. We eat on the run! Working and busy lives drive us all to the convenience food isles at the grocery store or the drive thru of the fast food restaurants. Our food has more and more additives and calories and less of the nutrients we need to build and maintain healthy bodies.

These website will be the source of “all things healthy” in our communities. It will provide information in the form of healthful recipes; tips on nutrition; community events that will feature healthy activities; resources for finding help with weight loss; exercise programs and healthcare.